ACMarket Errors and Fixes

I’m getting play protect warning after I installed ACMarket. The version I installed was v.4.5.4? What should I do?

This is an unusual error for ACM. It happened due to a development error. All you have to do is update the app to its latest stage. You can check for updates in the apps settings window and update from there or uninstalled the current version to re-install the latest setup from our download page.

I’m getting a license error from Minecraft which I downloaded from ACMarket. Can I fix that?

how to fix license error from minrcraft pocket edition

Yes. This issue has happened to many users. To fix, use one of the following methods.

1st Method:
  • Download the latest setup of Lucky Patcher. You can download it by using ACMarket or finding the original developer on Google, Benefit of using ACMarket are, it is safe and app will update automatically. If you still don’t have the ACMarket on your phone, find the most suitable setup in our download page.
  • Install the downloaded Lucky Patcher file and give the permissions it asked to operate.
  • Open it by tapping the app’s icon. In the Lucky patchers (LP) main window, you can find the “Minecraft” you installed on your phone.
  • Lucky Patcher will show you a few activities you can do with Minecraft PE. Select the “Menu of Patches” then select “Create Modified APK File”. This will show you a few errors you can find on Minecraft.
  • Select the appropriate error, in this case, “APK without License Verification” and in the next window select “Auto Mode”
  • This will take a few seconds to patch. After the end of the process, Click OK.
  • In the main menu select “Rebuild and Install”. This will open Lucky Patchers’ file manager. Go to the following path “Rebuild and Install -> LuckyPatcher -> Modified -> Minecraft”. The modded file will be at this location.
  • Tap on the file. From the menu select “Uninstall and Install”. This will ask confirmation to delete the existing file. Select “Yes” after unticking “Make data and cache backups for installation”.
  • This will start to uninstall the existing MCPE setup and re-install the modded one.
  • A few seconds after confirmation, there will be permission window to allow Lucky Patcher to install unknown apps. In the window go to the settings and enable “Allow from this source”.
  • In the next window, click install again to complete MCPE installation process. That’s it, Now you have Minecraft version which does not give license error.

Important: If your country does not allow you to download Lucky Patcher, please use a highly secure and fast VPN to avoid restrictions. You can find more on this on our VPN page.

2nd Method:
  • This one is very simple, but there is a catch. If you proceed with this method we cannot guarantee that your game data will be safe.
  • All you have to do is, Uninstall the existing setup.
  • Then install the latest patched version of Minecraft Pocket Edition from AC Market.
How to solve the AC market connection error?

how to fix no connection error

Many reasons can cause this error & there are many ways to fix connection errors.

  • First thing first, checking your internet connection is activated and you can access the internet.
  • Make sure you have enough space left to operate an app. Keep at least 500MB free space for your all apps (Value can change depending on how many and how heavy apps you are using).
  • If you use any security software, make sure it does not block the internet connection or the app.
  • Trying to clear the AC market’s cache.
How do I fix package parsing error?

how to fix acm package parsing error

Package Parsing is a common error among all Android users when trying to install certain apps. If you come across a package parsing error, try the below steps to solve it.

  • Enable apps installation from ‘Unknown Sources’
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Disable Antivirus
  • Look for damaged or partially downloaded APK files. If the downloaded AC Market APK is damaged, Try download fresh and non-corrupted files from the AC Market download page.
How to fix “App not installed” or “Installation unsuccessful” error?

how to fix app not installed error

‘App not installed’ or ‘Installation Unsuccessful’ are common errors that pop up when you try to download an app which does not available on the Play Store.

  • Allow apps from ‘Unknown Sources’ to install.
  • Give proper permissions the app asks for. It cannot be installed if you deny its major permissions.
  • Try changing the App codes.
  • Reset all the app preferences and reboot.
  • Avoid installation from the SD Card or make sure your memory card is mounted properly.
  • Download a different version of the ACM setup. Ex: If your phone is having Android version 6 or higher try the latest setup or you can select an older version of ACM. See ACM Home.
  • Clear data and cache from the phone.
Cannot download any apps from ACM? 

If you are not being able to download any more apps from the ACMarket, chances are you have an outdated version. It is an installer, which requires to update to the latest edition for many reasons. A few of them are security updates, new app updates, bug fixes, performance related updates and more. The solution is to download and install a newer version on to your phone.

“AC Market stopped working” whats next? 

how to fix ac market stop working error

The most common reason is you have an outdated version of the app, other than that, the following factors may contribute to this error.

  • Lack of space – Try creating more storage space as you may have run out of space.
  • Cache related – Try to clear cache and data memory

Re-launch the app after following the steps mentioned above. If you still get “AC Market stopped working,” delete the app and reinstall it with the latest version available.

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