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BlackMart Alpha – Download Latest Version for Free

Virtual marketplaces can be considered as a famous application used by almost all the Android device users to fulfill their needs in obtaining new applications or games. But achieving them can be harder due to the fact that official marketplaces contain latest applications under the “Paid” category. Even though some are available for free, only a part of the application is available to download. Therefore many people tend to keep away from those and go only for the applications which they can download full version for free.

BlackMart Alpha

Ultimate Android Market Place : BlackMart Alpha

In order to address that fact, unofficial market applications have been introduced into the Android world. “Blackmart Alpha (v” is one of them, which helps you to go for any application for free no matter it is paid or free in other official marketplaces.

It is one of the best alternatives for the Google playstore. No matter your device is an Android smartphone or tablet. You can use it without no issue at all. The main use of BlackMart Alpha is it allows the user to download application sand games for no cost. But also it has made it easier for you. You  do not need to create an account  or go through a registration process to download applications without a limit.

Blackmart Аlpha APK

Features Enclosed in Blackmart Alpha APK

There are a number of features enclosed in the market application and they are more advantageous than other official marketplaces.

  • This BlackMart Alpha contain thousands of applications and games to be downloaded free of charge.
  • The application is very easy to use as even you don’t need to go for tutorials to use it for the first time.
  • Multi Language options are enclosed in the application that can be used by people worldwide. English, Spanish, Italian, German, Turkish are some of those languages. So there is no problem for the users who feel difficult to use international languages like English.
  • The market application is designed with an interesting simple user interface, unlike Google play store which is a complex one.
  • Applications included in Blackmart Alpha is compatible to be used on both smartphones and tablets unlike in Google playstore which include applications which might be incompatible to be used on any device.
  • Application downloading process is very efficient as it can be done in seconds.
  • It contains no trial and test version, But only a complete free market application.
  • There is no set limit for the number of downloads you can go for. Its simply, limitless.
  • Users do not need to waste time in creating accounts prior downloading their requirements.

Blackmart APK

File name: BlackMart Market APK
Size: 3.88MB
Version: v1.1.4
Supported devices: All android versions including Oreo & Android P(beta)
Root required: No
Price: Free


These market applications do not come with the Android device officially. Therefore you will need to download it. in order to do that, there are some requirements as below to be fulfilled

  • Android device should be version 2.3 or above (Gingerbread. API 9)
  • There should be enough free space left in the device.

Free Download The APK

Blackmart Alpha apk provides the features which you can’t obtain from other official marketplaces. Simply it is an illegal store which you can get all paid applications for free. Therefore obviously it cannot be found in the Google playstore. You need to find a reliable link to directly download the application. it is a difficult task when we consider it with the security matters. But nothing to worry as you don’t need to search for the application download link. We have provided it for you. Simply tap on the link provided below and it will initiate the download process at once. It is simple and easy as, you can directly download the application without filling any surveys or tutorials.

It it is hard to download it into your Android device. You can download it in your PC and then transfer it to the android device.

BlackMart Alpha

How to Install?

Successful installations have been carried out with devices such as HTC One, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Note series.

Both downloading and installation procedures of this application have been made easy with all android devices. After completely downloading the application, there are some changes in the device settings to do. There is a check box “unknown sources”. You need to click on that checkbox in order to allow the installations from unknown sources to be carried out. If you have downloaded the file into your PC, connect the phone to your PC and transfer the Blackmart.apk file to the phone. Then you can navigate to the place where you have the apk file in order to complete the installation.

The installation process can be completed in few minutes. It does not need any additional installment routines and payments.

Learn, How to Use it

Using the application is almost same as other market applications. After completing the installation process, you just need to open the market application. There you will be able to see the applications included and if you need to search any interested application, you will be able to search that using the search bar. It will give you all the versions of the applications or games you search for. Then only what it left is downloading all that you need for free.

There can be certain instances where you can’t run due to compatibility problems. As the official market place of the device is Google play store, some devices may have problems of using other marketplaces.

But, no need to worry as Blackmart Alpha is composed of multiple versions of the same application. So, if one is not working you can directly go for another version of the same application. It is simple as that.

The most important thing to address this problem is related to device settings. You need to check whether the installations from unknown sources have been enabled on your device or not. If not, you need to enable that. If you are still getting the error, you will need to contact the developers to solve your problem.

BlackMart APK

BlackMart APK Popular Apps

Free Download All Popular Apps You See on Play Store with BlackMart APK – Here’s 4 of Them

If you were asked this question, “What is your mostly used app store ?” most probably your answer will be Google Play Store. Although it is the mostly used online store, there are many related cons inside it. You can’t download all the applications for free, but you need to pay for some. Also having an account is a must to use the play store. But what if you get a play store without any of these requirements? a place you can download any application for free without creating an account? Blackmart alpha is an app store like that. It is one of the mostly used alternatives to google play store. Mentioned below are some popular apps you can download for free.

1Tap Cleaner Pro

1Tap Cleaner Pro

If you are running out of space, this is the best app you could ever use.  This application is an all in one package with 5 cleaners to clean all cache, search histories of the device, call logs, default settings and SD card. Some permission will be required to install and use this app. However this can be a very useful application with special features as

  1. Removal of annoying advertisements.
  2. Auto clear interval options.

This app can be download in any native language such as Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Serbian, Swedish etc. appropriate version of the app and its size depends on the device you use to download the app.

Clean Master

Clean Master

Clean master is an application you can use on any android device. It is one of the latest optimizations with antivirus feature and space cleaning.

Special features:

  1. Junk file cleaner- free the storage of your device by removing all the junk files which slow the device functions.
  2. Free antivirus – it can scan for viruses while blocking and removing all the threats to your device.
  3. Private photo- this feature helps you to keep the photos of your device safe.
  4. Security with Wi-Fi – this feature can detect fake Wi-Fi and unauthorized connection which can harm to your android.
  5. Boost the mobile – this app can speed up the device by freeing RAM.
  6. Battery saver – battery life of your device can be extended with the battery saver feature of clean master pro.

Other than that, there are some extra features as Applock, game booster, app manager and chargemaster to optimize the device performance. Compatible version, basic requirements and the size of application depend on the android device to which you want to download this application.

ES file Explorer File Manager

ES file Explorer

This one is a free, safe and simple file manager used by many people worldwide. No matter you need it for local use or network use, this app can be use with no restrictions at all.

Basic features:

  1. It can manage both files and folders- all cut, copy, paste features are enclose in this file manager with built-in ZIP and RAR support.
  2. Ability to access remote files – no matter the location of the target file, ES file the explorer can access its content in no time at all.
  3. File explorer and transfer function –file management are powered with root explorer, Bluetooth browser and Wifi file transfer like novel techniques.
  4. Library and other features such as Note editor, app manager, SD card analyst etc.

Camera Fun Pro

Current version – 4.0

Requirement – Android 1.6 and above

This is one of the most entertaining photography apps designed specifically for android users. You just need to point the camera of your device to observe marvelous live photo effects on the screen before capturing pictures in a manner you can’t even think of.

Features of the app;

  1. This contains 29 lenses such as Alphabet, Avatar, Black and white, Canvas, Chalk, Glass, Mirror, Oil brush, Poster, Sketch, Tunnel etc.
  2. Applies frames to the captured images.
  3. Adjustments for camera sounds and orientation.
  4. Advanced camera engine.


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  • Does Blackmart Harm my phone?

    • Short answer is no. Black Mart is not harming your mobile device. But using blackmart you can download many tweaked/cracked apps. Using such apps may get you into trouble because we live in a world it is sometimes illegal to use such kind of apps.


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