Use APPVN to get Any Game for Free – Here are 5 of Them

If you need to go for games and application which you can’t reach with official Google PlayStore, APPVN is the best option you could choose. APPVN can be considered as a very popular third party app store  you can use to find apps for your rooted android device. No matter your device is android, IOS or windows this app store can be used on any platform you prefer. If there are any games you need to play, but can’t afford, use APPVN now and get them for free. Mentioned below are some of those games you could get with APPVN.

APPVN Apps Download

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is an adventure and action game played by users worldwide. This game is composed of a world exploration and building 3D things from simple homes to grand castles using your own construction capabilities. It is similar to a sandbox video game and has been created by a Swedish game designer. Latest version of this game is v1.2.2 and it has been created without all recorded bugs. The game can be played using multiplayer mode and survival mode in which you should be able to acquire your own resources to build the city, to maintain health, etc. likewise a number of mods such as adventure mode, spectator mode have been added in order to grant many capabilities to the player.  Many new features are added in this latest version and some of them are:

  • Cross platform availability which can use eight players to play a game.
  • Many activities like exploring, gathering, combat and crafting are used in the game design.
  • More structures and more dimensions have been added.
  • Improved sound effects and audio system.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Android

Being a game compatible with almost all devices, this can be considered as one of the most played games worldwide. Pokemon has been discovered by Join trainers and Pokemon GO is its latest update. This has been downloaded by more than 750 million and has been named as “the best mobile game” at the game developers’ choice awards.  This is a freely available game optimized specially for smartphones and tablets. However there some basic requirements to be fulfilled :

  • This can be used on android devices with 2GB RAM space and android version 4.4- 7.0+.
  • Devices without GPS and the devices which could connect only to Wi-Fi my not be able to use this game.
  • Therefore even though the compatible operating system is there in the device, it can be guaranteed to use this game.
  • Game play should be done while connecting to a network.

If all requirements are met, Pokemon GO can be played with following interesting features.

  • It offers you a confirmation dialogue whenever you try to transfer a costumed Pokemon.
  • Mass- transfer may not be able to use with Costumed Pokemon.
  • All bug causing errors in network connections have been addressed in the latest edition 0.77.1.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Cheats

If you need to play a game with millions of worldwide players, the game you should choose is “Clash of clans”. This game allows you to join a clan of some players or to start a clan of your own by inviting your friends. You can use the team to fight in clans across the whole world. Meanwhile you will need to defend your village with things like bombs, traps, mortars, walls etc. All the battles should be planned using spells, troops and heroes after a proper training given for your troops.

With the increasing number of players, it has been improved a lot with many features. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Now you can experience a journey to Builder base to discover a number of latest characters and buildings in the mysterious world.
  • New troops as Raged barbarian, Sneaky archer, Boxer giant bomber, Cannon cart etc can be used to have new battles.
  • Friendly battles can be done with your clan mates.
  • Watch the attacks live in both home village and builder base.

Latest version of this game is 9.256.8 and it needs a good network connection and it can be freely downloaded and played.  However you can play this only is your device is android 4.0.3 and above.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Mario games are not new to the world. Super Mario run is the latest edition of the series. As same as others, this also allows you to control mario’s movements by tapping with his constant run. You just need to time you tap as they can gain coins. This game is totally free of charge and even after download, there is no additional payment required. So all the modes as toad rally, World tour, Remix 10 etc can be experienced for free.

Latest features of the game version 3.0.5:

  • These have shorten the length of the game while making them more exciting.
  • New playable characters and latest features have been added.
  • You can listen to music to make the gameplay more interesting.

If you have an android device of version 4.2 or above , your path is open to experience this latest super Mario game.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 - Airborne

If you were looking for a racing game to race in hot high performing dreamy machines, there is no game for you other than this. It can give you all the privileges to experience speed from cars to bikes in Nevada desert to Tokyo super paths. This can be simply called as a challenging and exciting game developed for fun lovers.

Features of the game:

  • Over 190 luxurious dream cars and bikes in top models such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari etc.
  • High fidelity motor sounds and realistic audio clarity.
  • New opportunity to reveal your own shortcuts.
  • Stunning visuals and detailed vehicle damage system.
  • Arrange your own vehicle control methods and much more..

Experience this great game with your 4.0 and above android device.


After downloading and installing APPVN, open it and use the search bar to find the apps and games you need. Select them and install for free. Enjoy!

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