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SuperSu – One Rooting App You’ll Ever Need for Android

SuperSu has been one of the prominent, must-have tools while maintaining a successfully rooted android device. This is a root permission manager app which is a must need on your rooted android device. It was developed by renowned developer Chainfire. It had a place on the Google play store in the recent past, but now it was removed. This is the oldest root permission manager in the market and the most popular root permission manager app among the community of rooted android device users. Even though this amazing root permission app was removed from Google play store now you can download it from any third-party app stores for free.

Few Facts You Should Consider Before Installing the Zip

  1. Your android device must be rooted. If it is a non-rooted device there is no point in having a root permission app on your device. And in this article, we will guide you on how to install SuperSu without using a PC.
  2. SuperSu is available as an app and a ZIP. You got to choose which is the most suitable and the most compatible one for your device. Tip: Please don’t use the APK file available on Play Store. It is no good. If you really want to access root, use any file down below. (latest version preferred)
  3. You will be needing your device model number, have it ready before installing this app or flash file onto your device.

There are many third party app stores to download SuperSu app, but you will find those download links are broken or the app or the flash file of SuperSu is fake or not the latest one . Therefore make sure that you download SuperSu from a trusted source like ACMarket third-party app store.

Most Impressive SuperSu Features

  1. Your phone will be given enough protection for OTA survival as SuperSu has a mode for OTA survival.
  2. Back up script will be provided for surviving.
  3. Your pin codes are fully protected.
  4. Pin protection for every app.
  5. The android device can be unrooted temporarily.
  6. Configuration of logging for every app.
  7. Superuser access is granted for you.
  8. Enables non standard shell location working ability.
  9. Four different options are available for you to select the theme fits for your liking.
  10. Availability of non standard shell locations.
  11. Authority to grant or deny the root access to apps is given to the user.
  12. The ability to work in the mode of recovery.

There are Good Amount of Pros and Some Cons Too


  • With one click, you can grant permission for root access.
  • SuperSu is for free.
  • Smaller file size.
  • With one click you can flash the SuperSu in your device.


  • You can’t just blindly navigate through the SuperSu app if you don’t have enough knowledge about the navigation process of root settings.

SuperSu Before Install Guide

  • By doing this, you will lose your phone’s warranty.
  • If you feel like your understanding is not enough to root even after reading this article, stop. Proceeding, you may brick your phone.
  • Download TWRP before you start with SuperSu. It is important to take a backup of your current ROM before word & it will help you to install downloaded SuperSu Zip file from either direct link or with ACMarket app.

Direct Method – Download and Install SuperSu ZIP

There are many ways to root your android device.

  1. Unlock the bootloader.
  2. Some manufacturing companies don’t allow users to unlock the bootloader, as the device is locked. In order to root this kind of devices, it is a must to find security loopholes in the device. And find a way to exploit them.
  3. Custom ROMs

You can only use SuperSu for the first category in the above list, which is when you can easily unlock the bootloader.

How to Install SuperSu ZIP with TWRP

Download SuperSu ZIP v2.82

But before installing SuperSu you have to install TWRP.

  • Now download SuperSu Zip file onto your PC. Use the link above.
  • Connect your device to be rooted to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Select the location in which you want to store SuperSu, and drag the zip file to the desired location (internal storage preferred).
  • Reboot your phone. Put your device into recovery mode. The method of Rebooting your device can be different from one device to another therefore make sure to search the required method which fits for your device.

When you’ve done as such, you’ll be welcomed with the recognizable TWRP home screen. Snap the Install catch. You ought to presumably make a backup in TWRP before proceeding with this procedure.

  1. In TWRP home screen click on backup option and tick files you want to backup (Boot, System & Data preferred).
  2. Swipe right to confirm.
  3. Ones backup complete, scroll down and browse to the SuperSU ZIP file you moved before.
  4. Click on the SuperSU Zip and you’ll see this screen. Swipe right to affirm the flash.
  5. It should just pause for a minute to streak the SuperSU . When it completes, tap the “Wipe store/Dalvik” catch that shows up and swipe to affirm.
  6. When that completes, tap the “Reboot System”  to boot once more into Android.

On the off chance that TWRP inquires as to whether you need to introduce SuperSU now, pick “Don’t Install”. Some of the time, TWRP can’t distinguish that you as of now have SuperSU, so it’ll request to flash its implicit form. Be that as it may, it’s quite often best to flash the most recent version  of SuperSU yourself, which we’ve recently done.

  • To verify, download a root status app like Root Checker Pro from ACMarket or Google Play Store.

Alternative Method – Download and Install ZIP from ACMarket

Download ACMarket Application

*Ignore this section if you already has ACMarket installed in your phone.

  1. Go to the settings and enable the unknown source on your android device.
  2. In your browser, visit page to download ACMarket
  3. Click and download the relevant APK file.
  4. Once the downloading process is over choose and click on the file.
  5. Follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

Download and Install SuperSu

  1. Search SuperSu on ACMarket. Type on search and tap on the first result coming up.
  2. This will bring you the SuperSu app window.
  3. Select the appropriate download method & wait until download to complete.
  4. Follow the instructions on “How to Install SuperSu ZIP with TWRP” to install SuperSu & make sure to read “Before installation notes” before start.

Manage Root Access Permission and Unroot your Device

When you reboot your phone, you should see the new SuperSU symbol in your application store of your phone . SuperSU controls which different applications on your phone get root authorizations. At whatever point an application needs to demand root authorizations, it needs to ask your SuperSU application, which will display a request prompt.

To oversee root authorizations, open your app storage of your phone and tap the SuperSU symbol. You’ll see a rundown of apps that have been allowed or denied superuser access. You can tap on an app to change its authorizations. 

In the event that you ever need to unroot, open the SuperSU app, go to its Settings screen, and tap the “Full unroot” . It will man-oeuvre to unroot your phone, this is unquestionably the simplest method to unroot your device.

How to Unroot/ Uninstall SuperSu

  • Navigate and locate SuperSU app.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down and locate  the Cleanup section.
  • Tap Full Unroot in order to initiate a successful uninstallation of SuperSU and unroot your phone.
  • Tap on Continue for confirmation of uninstallation.
  • Reboot your phone.


  • What are the drawbacks when device is rooted? You phone can be bricked which means it will be affected by misoperation, and turned into a useless brick that you paid a fortune . To avoid this download all the apps from reliable and trustworthy sources.
  • Does my phone’s warranty remains after my phone is rooted? There will be no warranty when your phone  is rooted.

Why Do You Need to Root Your Device?

Why root a android

Who wouldn’t want to gain unprecedented control of their smart device? Yes, rooting gives you unprecedented control over your Android. Rooting removes barriers and allows every aspect of your smart device to be controlled by you. Yes, You heard it right! Now your phone is no longer under the power of OEMs or bloatware.

“Rooting – Taking full control over your device”

Rooting is not just about taking full control over your device, there are many other beneficial aspects which are naturally gained when your phone is rooted aka get superuser access granted.

Benefits of Having a Rooted Android

Your device is way more protected and the possibility of a privacy breach is nearly impossible with compared to a non-rooted device. Now your phone is no longer under google’s continuous watch and that is my friend, a security upgrade for your device. Your hardware and apps’ functionality improves in many folds. And you gain control over your data. Following are the major benefits of having superuser access granted.

The most well-liked benefit of rooting is enabling the opportunity to uninstall bloatware from your device.  Permanently uninstall apps that are installed onto your phone by default and uninstall restricted (OEM installed apps).

On a non-rooted device, Apps that are installed by OEM only can be degraded to factory reset version but you can’t remove them.  These apps take lots of space of your device and the root driven backup is really amazing, even when you mistakenly uninstall an admin app, you can fix the error without harming the functionality of your device.

You can now add new features to your android device. This cannot be done in a non-rooted device as they don’t have an unlocked bootloader and the opportunity to have a custom kernel.

Another benefit is getting more powerful file manager than one in a non-rooted device, whose control is users’ alone. On a non-rooted device, users are granted access to files only, there is no way users can access APKs of all your apps, and system files as well. Now user can edit system files to remove all the inbuilt limitations. 

Now user can clean the device ‘s  junk automatically and having a cleaning app on your non-rooted device is almost like having none, as it is not granted access to cleaning system file junk, but in a rooted device, installed cleaning app is allowed to access system apps and able to clear the piled up junk of the systems apps as well, more importantly, rooting enables the cleaning app run automatically, which helps the rooted device to run smoothly and optimize the overall performance.

Another privilege users get when rooted is, the ability to have custom ROMs. You can get hands-on management of kernels as well. Kernels handle communication between software and hardware. Once rooted, you can add custom kernels to your device and free your phone from the OEM control. You can overclock and under-clock, and manage your battery and power in the phone. 

Now user can control the governor as well, which controls the frequency of the CPU. the governor has a significant role to play in the performance of the device.  The speed, optimization and etc.

Users get to change their international mobile equipment identity IMEI no. This helps to track the phone when lost or stolen, and helps to find the device anywhere in the world, but if enabling tricking of the phone seems intriguing privacy, change your IMEI number.  Rooting enables changing the device’s serial number as well. Add new emojis, themes, and fonts, upgrade the older OS etc.

If you root your phone you can customize everything in it without being restricted by anyone.  Once rooted, you get to experience a whole new device in your hand.

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  • Can i download SuperSU Pro 2.82 with acmarket ?

  • miguel mckinnon
    October 18, 2019 11:26 am

    What is best Magisk apk or Supersu ?

    • I think it is important to understand what their roles are. SuperSu and Magisk are build based on totally different logics. SuperSu apply changes to system files. It replace system files to get access to root. Magisk in other hand modifies the boot partition and leave system files untouched. If any app requested system files Magisk provide their files instead


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