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Kinemaster is popular among amateurs as well as professionals who use Kinemaster to create their videos in the best possible way. But having its watermark on the video is unavoidable and it puts video makers in a very difficult place where they have to buy the premium version of the app in order to get rid of the watermark.

So now it is time to give up wasting time removing watermarks of your edited video.  Switch to Kinemaster Mod APK today. Kinemaster Pro is the best video editing platform on which you are given the opportunity to edit and add the authentic creativity to your video with just a few clicks and now you don’t have to be a premium member of the app, to create the video without having video editor’s watermark all over the video. 

This has topped the list of most favorable video editing apps for your device. Mod version of Kinemaster not only removes its watermark from your edited video but also it provides you with tons of other features which are only available on the premium version of the Kinemaster.

Kinemaster Pro is a mod version of its original version, therefore you won’t be able to find this on standard platforms like Google Play Store or Apple store. To download it either you have to download ACMarket (app store) first or download it from the given link below (we recommend to download it through acmarket. We are regularly updating/upgrading any app or game as soon as stock version does).

Kinemaster Pro has a bunch of amazing features which are not available in its paid version.  Let’s have a look at why you should choose pro over the stock version.

This is Why It is Special – Features

To keep up with the trending video making for social media platforms and many other purposes, KineMaster Pro is a must-have app on your device. Complex editing tools but easy editing facility. And all these are for free.

Following are the major features that make the KineMaster a must-have app on your device.

  1. The special app store is available within the app itself: Its app store, the assets store has everything you need to decorate your video and add a touch of high standard creativity to your video. Now you can add stickers to non-copyright music and many more for free. And especially in this mod version of the app, all the attractive themes are unlocked for you for free.
  2. Control Feature: Now using this feature ,set your video’s speed and time according to your liking. This acts as a time saver while editing your video. Not only that, once you are done with your editing, you can preview it before saving it. And previewing can be done while in the middle of the editing session too and this helps video editors to improve the quality of the final output. 
  3. Color Contrast: Now change the levels of brightness contrast, hue, saturation levels, sharpness, noise reduction, masking and many more.
  4. Now your video can be Spliced, trimmed and sliced frame by frame.
  5. Volume control for frame by frame is available.
  6. No watermark in the output
  7. You don’t have to worry about your video format. All the video formats are supported on this platform.
  8. Your final video can be shared on the desired platform via KineMaster such as YouTube, Facebook, Google+ etc.
  9. Unlike other platforms, this provides you with the facility of audio and video filters, and all filters are unlocked for free.

The features mentioned above are the most prominent features that KineMaster Mod APK inherits. Which make it stand out among the other video editing apps.

Download and Install KineMaster with ACMarket

You can download it from ACMarket. If it is already on your phone ignore the first step and move on to the next, else download and install the ACMarket.apk setup first.

Search_bar for_lulubox_acmarket

  • Tap on the first result given to go to the KineMaster download section

  • Click on the download button to begin.
  • Wait till the successful installation is done. (Some permission may require)

User Guide – How to be a Pro with KineMaster

You may have used other video editing apps before. Then you must have come. across complex and less user-friendly, features they inherit. Many of the video editing apps are quite complex to use and takes time to get used to, but this app boasts for its user-friendly nature, simplicity and stylish layout. 

It is quite easy to use and you don’t have to be a professional video editor to use this amazing app.

Common Errors and their Fixes

  • The error may occur while exporting on your Android device.
    • You can completely avoid this error by updating the app to the latest version 
    • Use the hardware encoder as KineMaster works on it otherwise it may lead to creating errors.
    • Make sure screen recorders are not used during the export, as their video encoders may cause trouble.
  • “Codec init failed ” error
    • When this error occurs, it is a must to reboot your device without any delay and navigate through settings of your device and locate hardware performance analysis and make sure you run a hardware performance analysis before you reboot your device for the second time. 
  • “Unable to locate media storage” error
    • This error tends to occur when you fail to grant the full permission for the KineMaster Pro. Reboot and check the functioning of the app.


  • Is it safe to use? Yes, it is safe to use and your device is at no risk of malicious attacks or any other harmful activity.
  • How to prevent frequent revokes? In order to have a secure and private connection please make sure you use a VPN, and you can switch off your data while using this app.
  • Why does my device act strangely while using the video editor? There may be several reasons for this, 
    • You may not have enough internal storage and RAM. 
    • Delete the original version of the app before installing this onto your device.
  • What are the compatible Android OS for KineMaster MOD APK (Pro)? Android OS 4.1 and above

Download KineMaster Pro onto your device, make your favorite video with the touch of authentic creativity. Give yourself a chance to explore your creativity and video editing skills with KineMaster for free. Create and Share with the world.

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